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Skilled Migration Program update for offshore candidates

With over 1,100 applicants previously nominated, Skilled & Business Migration is boosting its nominations of offshore skilled migrants for 2022–2023.

The initial stage for offshore skilled migrants wishing to relocate to South Australia is to submit an expression of interest (EOI) through the Commonwealth Government’s SkillSelect system, choosing South Australia as the chosen State or Territory to move to in Australia.

The applicant must meet the required qualifications in a profession that is included on the Skilled Occupation List as well as satisfy state-specific occupation standards in order to qualify for South Australian state nomination.

Visit the website’s Offshore Stream and Frequently Asked Questions sections for further details on South Australia’s nomination requirements.

NSW RDA Applications will OPEN on Wednesday 2 November 2022

Ukraine Visa support- Updated Information

Anyone who wants to submit a new application for a visa to visit Australia should weigh their options and take into account any applicable eligibility requirements.

The Ukraine Conflict Visa Arrangement Enquiry Form can be used to submit inquiries from Ukrainian visa applicants.

The Ukrainian nationals in Australia who have visas that expire before June 30, 2022, would automatically receive 6-month visa extensions, according to the Australian Prime Minister.

In order to acquire this extension, visa holders need not take any action. The Department is getting in touch with visa holders in Australia whose visas are about to expire to ask them to make plans if they want to stay in the country.

VETASSESS Priority Processing service is currently capped at 25 places a day.

Urgent requests are now accepted for Priority Processing from applicants who can send evidence of an invitation from the Department of Home Affairs or an Australian state or territory government.

SC 403 Agricultural visa stream removed

After the current government was elected, this stream was eliminated from this visa subclass

The other streams in this visa class have not changed.

The new policy went into effect on October 29, 2022.

A Skills and Talent Partnership with India – by VETASSESS

Following meetings in India last month, VETASSESS and the Indian Government are looking into ways to train Indian students and workers to fill skills needs in Australia.

As a result of the agreement, Indian students may receive training in India that meets Australian requirements in order to obtain jobs in Australian industries including aged care and hospitality.

Trainers from Australia and India would collaborate, and students would receive training in India that would provide them the credentials and experience needed for jobs in Australia.

The Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) of India will create a platform to support youth training and increase the capacity of India’s vocational education and training system.

The Indian Government is establishing a network of International Skills Centers to provide training benchmarked to international standards, to equip Indian youth planning to work abroad.

The MSDE and VETASSESS are now discussing a pilot project for the same.

Updates from the DHA

If there are missing documents or incorrect information, the visa application process may take longer. It might even be refused.

There are steps applicants can take to ensure their visa application is decision-ready before submitting it. This will speed up the DHA’s processing of visa applications.

Keep the following in mind as you prepare your visa application for Australia:

  • provide all the required information and documents
  • allow plenty of time to collect the necessary documents and information. It can take longer than you expect to get copies of official documents such as birth and marriage certificates, police checks, medical reports and translations of documents
  • double check you have included everything and all information is correct before you submit your application. Make sure your name is spelt as it appears in your passport, including your middle name, and that it has not been auto-corrected by your device
  • submit your application well ahead of when you want to travel. We suggest you book your flight after your visa has been granted.

Submit one application for the visa type

Submitting multiple visa applications for the same type of visa can slow the decision process.

For visitor visas, submit one application per person, including children.

For student visas, dependents can be included in their parent or guardian’s application

Victoria Business Innovation and Investment Program Update: Application Closed until further notice.

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