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Weekly Updates

From 1 July 2022, those applying for Subclass 485 visas will no longer require a provisional skills assessment for their occupation.

Sydney CBD offices of the Department of Home Affairs will be closing over the coming months. Staff will be relocating to new working accommodation at 101 George St, Parramatta. Client service operations at Lee St will close on 15 June 2022 and reopen at 101 George St, Parramatta from 22 June 2022. As all client services are facilitated via appointments only, clients will be advised of their appointment location in their confirmation email.

NT DAMA Occupation List Updated

The NT DAMA occupations list is reviewed and updated annually by agreement between the NT Government and the Australian Government.

Updated list can be found here 


The Department’s website has been updated for student visa applicants who are unable to complete English tests, biometrics, or health examinations with the specified timelines: If you are unable to provide additional information within the specified timeframe, attach evidence such as a payment receipt or booking confirmation.

Western Australia 2022-23 Program Change

·       Commencing in the 2022-23 program year people residing overseas are now eligible to be considered for Western Australia (WA) State nomination.

·       Invitations to apply for WA State nomination will be via the ranking system, giving preference to applicants currently residing in WA, followed by those residing in Australia and then those residing overseas.

·       The 2022-23 updated Western Australian State nomination criteria is now available.

·       The 2022-23 program year will also provide candidates the opportunity to access an expanded, more extensive, Graduate occupation list under the Graduate stream. With over 300 occupations becoming available.

·       The expanded Graduate occupation list will become available in 2022-23 and is outlined in the new 2022-23 WA State nomination  combined occupation list. An easy-to-follow table of the occupations available under the Western Australian skilled migration occupation list – schedule 1 and 2 and the Graduate occupation list.

·       Invitations to apply for WA State nomination under the new Graduate Occupation list will not commence until the 2022-23 program year.