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DHA Global Visa processing time 

Queensland Skilled and Business Migration Program Update

The Migration Queensland skilled program is still open, and it is a great opportunity for those working onshore in Queensland to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), as they are open to the entire legislative instrument for state nomination, which includes 504 occupations.

Due to the high demand, they have from onshore applicants, and their limited nomination allocation, it is unlikely that they will open to offshore applicants until the next Australian financial year that starts on July 1, 2022.

This opportunity for onshore migrants working in Queensland has also been heightened by previously s48 barred applicants now being able to apply for state-nominated visas from 13 November 2021.

Please note that an email explanation to support how a skilled applicant meets a COVID priority occupation is not required (this was a requirement of FY20-21 but no longer a requirement in 21-22).

Victoria’s Entrepreneur stream (subclass 188E) visa nomination update

·         Victoria’s Entrepreneur stream (subclass 188E) visa nomination program is now open to start-up founders and co-founders who plan to grow their innovative business ideas in Victoria. To be eligible for this visa, you must be recommended to us by an Authorised Recommending Partner (ARP).

·         It will be a limited, referral only visa program.

·         Find out more information onBusiness Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188) – Entrepreneur stream

ACT Invitation Round

ACT Invitation Round took place on 29 April 2022 invitations were issued as follows: 

Canberra residents 

Matrix nominating Small Business Owners 

·         190 nominations: 3 invitations    

·         491 nominations: 2 invitations  

Matrix nominating 457 / 482 visa holders 

·         190 nomination: 1 invitation 

·         491 nomination: 0 invitation 

Matrix nominating Critical Skill Occupations 

·         190 nomination: 43 invitations  

·         491 nomination: 51 invitations 

Overseas applicants 

Matrix nominating Critical Skill Occupations: 

190 nomination: 7 invitations 

491 nomination: 71 invitations