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Migration Tasmania Visa State Nomination

Migration Tasmania is currently assigning applications lodged in early November 2021 for processing.

With a large number of applications on-hand and many with competing deadlines, we cannot prioritize applications on the basis of expiring visas, English tests or other expiring documents. Please refrain from sending emails requesting priority or processing updates.

You will be advised of your application outcome in due course.


The ACT has made some minor changes to its processes and webpage, including that applicants for the ACT nomination pathway must be working and living in the ACT. Members are advised to check they are using the most recent information when lodging clients applications. Further information is available on the ACT Migration webpage. 

Western Australia Invitation Round

·         Invitations were issued on 7 and 8 April 2022 for State Nominated Migration Program (SNMP).

·         Find the full details here.

Regional Development Australia

South Coast Update

·         RDA FSC is now accepting OFFSHORE applications for subclass 491. You must have an ROI to apply.

·         Find the detailed information here.

Orana NSW

RDA Orana’s 2021/2022 occupation list which you can also view here.